Pot Roast

comedy in two acts

5 w

Winner of Foundry Series Playwright Award

Set in an East side Manhattan apartment, the female members of this neurotic Jewish clan gather ostensibly to comfort grandma Frieda, a chain smoking octogenarian who just lost her husband and law partner.

Middle-aged sisters, Sara and Ruth overeat to soothe disappointment. Brassy Sara has been ditched by her philandering husband, while needy, clutching Ruth can’t help alienating her grown daughter Mia.

The family has pinned its vicarious hopes on Sara’s daughter Carol, a medical student and life long overachiever. When Carol finally shatters the family’s myth of her perfection in the second act, the news is enough to send Frieda into a mute trance and Sara and Ruth back to the refrigerator.

Rich  in flavor! Fresh! Very Funny!

Los Angeles Times

A surprisingly funny new comedy…rich in flavor.

Scott Collins

Ollstein has enormous talent….a gloriously funny, well-written hoot.

Madeleine Shaner