Dark Ages

Full length dark comedy in two acts with six actors.

The Dark Ages is a comedy about a modern family living in ‘Dark Ages’ of their own making. A wild farce about isolation and technology in today’s world.

Dad (David) can only get love and support from his technology. Mom (Annie) a sinewy politician, has lost not only all of her body fat, but also her joy. Daughter (Nevada) believes that she was born in the wrong time, and is searching to find the right one.  Along comes Cliff the cop, who plays it safe until he meets Annie,  Will, the smarmy Renaissance carney boy, who sweeps Nevada off her feet and into the Renaissance Faire, and Pheonia the street artist /Queen of the Faire, who somehow seems to control everyone’s fate.

By the end of the play each character has experienced a Renaissance of their own and are well on their way to a New World.

The characters in Laurel Ollstein’s sometimes hilariously funny play are beautifully defined and superbly acted-all hits, no misses. She steers clear of “types” in favor of living, breathing people who wear their emotions in plain sight, even when it’s to their disadvantage.