Just released from The Old Globe:

The new American play readings commence on Saturday, January 13 at 4:00 p.m. with Laurel Ollstein’s They Promised Her the Moon, directed by Giovanna Sardelli (SomewhereThe Whipping Man at the Globe).


Tickets are currently available only to Old Globe subscribers.  However, on Friday, January 6th, any remaining tickets will be offered to non-subscribers who would like to attend.


Reservations for the public will be available at noon Friday Jan. 5; call (619) 234-5623.


In They Promised Her the Moon, John Glenn is a household name, but Jerrie Cobb? Not so much. In 1960, Glenn was one of the famous “Mercury Seven” who trained at NASA to become the first American astronauts. But Cobb and 12 other women also underwent the same rigorous psychological and physical testing, some outscoring and outpacing their male counterparts. The men went to space, Jerrie Cobb was never given that chance. Laurel Ollstein’s They Promised Her the Moon tells the true story of this exceptional woman—a skilled aviator, a world record–holding pilot, a business executive—and the powerful forces that kept her earthbound.

Director Giovanna Sardelli

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